Manora Oil Development

The G1/48 concession contains Tap’s flagship project – the Manora Oil Development in Thailand.  Production at the Manora Oil Development commenced on 11 November 2014.  This marked a significant milestone for Tap Oil’s current Board and Management and returned the Company to a mid-tier producer following a two year hiatus from production.

Tap reached FID on the Manora Oil Development on 23 July 2012. The Manora Oil Development has three key components. The platform, the Floating Storage Offloading (FSO) Unit and the development wells. Manora is a single well head platform with a four-leg platform jacket substructure with the topsides containing the production process and well head equipment. A pipeline and risers will connect the platform
to a leased FSO Unit. The FSO is a site-specific crude oil FSO that will be moored and linked to the platform and will also serve as the accommodation hub. The development plan has up to 15 development wells (10 producers and 5 injectors).

In September 2014, the Atwood Orca jackup drilling unit spudded the first well in the development drilling program.  Drilling has continued to progress and Manora production commenced on 11 November 2014 with two wells, MNA-01 and MNA-02, initially flowing at a combined rate of 2,200 barrels per day (gross). As at 28 January 2015, Manora is producing from five wells, MNA-01, MNA-02, MNA-03, MNA-05 and MNA-07.  Peak production of 15,000 barrels per day (Tap share 4,500 barrels per day) remains on track to be achieved in the first quarter of 2015.