Corporate Governance

Tap Oil's objective is to achieve best practice in corporate governance and the company's officers and employees are committed to achieving this objective.


Treating people and companies with respect and establishing a positive working environment in relation to our business practices is a core tenet of how we conduct our business.

Tap has implemented a range of policies that provide clear guidance to stakeholders on the standards of behaviour that are expected at all times to ensure we conduct business fairly, with integrity and in compliance with the law in all jurisdictions where we operate, including applicable anti-bribery and corruption legislation. We are committed to ensuring that our employees and contractors act ethically and professionally and recognise the value in developing and fostering a culture of corporate compliance, ethical behaviour and good corporate governance.

These policies include:

 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

 Code of Conduct Policy


Tap Oil Limited (TAP) is committed to conducting business in accordance with a high standard of corporate governance. The Board considers that good corporate governance is important to the creation of shareholder value and also assists in delivering against stakeholder expectations.

This Corporate Governance Statement outlines the key principles and practices the Board has adopted for its corporate governance framework. These principles and practices are reviewed regularly and revised as appropriate to reflect changes in law and developments in corporate governance.

In establishing its corporate governance framework, the Board has considered and reports against the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (3rd Edition) as published by the ASX Corporate Governance Council ("ASX Corporate Governance Principles").

Listed below are copies of Tap Oil's main corporate governance policies, that you may either read or download.

 Corporate Governance Statement

 Board and Management Responsibilities

 Audit and Risk Committee Charter

 Dealings in Securities Policy

 Risk Management Policy

 Continuous Disclosure Policy

 Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter

 Health Safety & Environment Policy

 Independent Professional Advice

 Diversity Policy

 Reserves Committee Charter Policy

 Tap Oil Limited Constitution